Courtney Cutchins

Courtney Cutchins

Seadragon Songhouse

Courtney Cutchins is the founder and voice coach of Seadragon Songhouse. For 15 years, she’s been sharing her passion for music education, helping clients learn to sing their songs and love their voices – from Seattle to New York City to Atlanta. With a Master of Music degree in Jazz Vocal Performance from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, her coaching is informed by Somatic Voicework™ methods, as well as her experiences as a performing artist and educator. Her teaching focus is on CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) styles such as pop, rock, jazz, folk and original songs – and she believes in trusting her client’s creative voice to guide each session, encouraging their authentic and unique self to shine through. Visit for more information about our coaching sessions in voice & speech, songwriting and creativity!

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