ArtAround: Pathways Visual Artist – Matthias Neumann

Xabana (34°00'38"N 84°20'12"W), 2023 Matthias Neumann


Materials: Wood, acrylic

Dimensions:9’x9’x15′ (assuming 10′ studs)

Artist’s Statement: 

Xabana (34°00’38″N 84°20’12″W) is an inhabitable sculptural environment that acts both as a colorful marker and as a negotiated spatial environment in extension of the contiguous public space. The work continues a trajectory of temporary public art installations that the artist has been engaged with over the past decade, investigating the material and constructive implications and potentials of temporary public sculpture that is conceived with a limited existence in mind. Constructed out of regular 2×4 lumber the work will age over time, and thus mark the passage of time, to be eventually deconstructed at the end of the exhibition, and the material to be cycled back into the material cycle of the construction industry. A recurring interest in the artist’s work is how space, material assembly and related processes allow for the experience of the spatial condition in relation to its place, and to bring into focus notions of material, cultural and spatial ecology embedded in the built environment.

About the Artist

Matthias Neumann is an artist and architect based in New York and in Athens, Greece. His projects have been presented at venues such as Manifesta 8, the National Museum of Contemporary Art Romania, Queens Museum, Jule Collins Smith Museum, the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and Arte Laguna at the Venice Arsenale, among others, in addition to a significant number of public art installations throughout the US. He is the recipient of the Kaplan Director’s Award of the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and a fellow at Mac Dowell Colony, the Lower Austrian Architecture Network, I-Park, and Vermont Studio Center.