ArtAround Roswell 2022 - 2023 Temporary Sculpture

Don't Gone With the Wind

Wenxia Zhang | Suwanee, GA

Location: Roswell Area Library

Materials:  Wood and Imitation Copper
Dimensions: 2.4 meters x 3 meters x 1 meter
Available for purchase: Contact Elan@RoswellArtsFund.org to learn more.


As a new immigrant, seven years ago the first place I landed in the United States was California. The cultural and ethnic diversity of the greater Los Angeles area, the huge imagination of the Hollywood film factory, the strong artistic atmosphere of the downtown, and the wind and fog of the Pacific Ocean all impressed me.

Completed by my husband and I in 2016, the sculpture was inspired by the famous Atlanta writer Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. Today, new technologies are rapidly shifting people’s reading habits away from paper books toward non-paper gadgets. We wanted to create a piece of art that encouraged people, especially the younger generation, to continue reading and experiencing the joy of holding a book.

Art also helps others who are not as creative to understand the values of artistic work, as well as place memory into a society that has continuous growth.


ArtAround Roswell: Don't Gone With the Wind