ArtAround Roswell 2021-2022 Temporary Sculpture


Richard Herzog | Athens GA

Location: City Hall

Materials:  Steel and driftwood
Dimensions: 7 ft  x 7 ft x 6 ft
Available for purchase: Contact Elan@RoswellArtsFund.org to learn more.

As a child, Richard Herzog had no interest in reading fantasy or science fiction books – a great contrast to the rest of his family. His passion was the real world filled with inventors, explorers, and scientists – people who had placed all they had in what they believed. Their determination gave him a glimpse at what can be accomplished with a simple vision, drive, and belief in yourself.

Nesting represents that creative drive. Formed from driftwood and scrap metal, it is a cyclone and a home, comfort with a taste of chaos. Created during the peak of COVID-19, Nesting is Herzog’s view on home during a period of upheaval. While providing a safe space, it also symbolizes the turmoil of the disaster swirling all around us in quarantine. The driftwood, too, has been through unforgiving eddies and currents resulting in a strong and beautiful structure embracing the art and lifting it skyward.