ArtAround Roswell 2019 Sculpture

Portal Majestic by Nathan Pierce

Generously sponsored by: 

Location: Variant Brewing Company

Materials:  Weathered steel
Dimensions: 8’ X 4’ X 1’
Cost:  $28,000

Portal Majestic is an abstract form of weathered steel.  The artist’s abstract public sculpture stems from years of reflection on historical and contemporary issues concerning social and interpersonal communication. 

Through his work artist’s intention is to highlight the significance of effective communication strategies and technologies.  He aims to spark the imaginations of viewers and to encourage people in the community to engage in more meaningful and effective communication. 

Nathan was brought up in the mid-west where his father, a third-generation stone mason, taught him the value of craftsmanship.  From this experience grew an appreciation for the working man, as well as a passion for building things with his hands. 

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This is the artist’s second time in ArtAround Roswell.  His sculpture “Social Tones” was featured in 2018